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A Servant Sold Yet Gained

Daily Edmond smile through the isle
His mouth flexible to “good morning”
He was a lanky handsome gentleman
Everyone marveled at his gesture

He wears humility as a diadem
And always human when he speaks
Gently his shoes cuddle the ground
Even the soil admires his peaceful steps

The people crave to be like him
To live a life free of worries
His name a song in their heart
Who does not want to replicate him?

And the whole neighborhood assembled
Parade down his little apartment
Take a halt in front of an arrayed grave
Why would he be living in a graveyard?

He sang his wife and daughter’s death
With gladness they found life
Before ascending into great eternity
What could probably rain joy in his heart

He evaporated the magic smile again
You could partake of this well
A servant sold yet gained
Jesus the reason I smile

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