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Hails from the city of the oppressed
With beauty covered in the veil of agony
Never accepts compliment as a good thing
So drown in the testament of hardship
O who could administer the beauty out?
For the recognition of the hidden reality
How long would the speck take a nap?
In the eyes of blind undefeated warriors
A contract signed by the ancient ignorant
Has become a pattern amidst the innocent
Accepting the evil that says you are my embrace
Leading to a path called trans-generational
It gently creeps in eating the destiny of the naive
Who have belittle the extent of the inner man
To break out from the did many years before
The did shouldn’t function in many years after
Man up o sleeping giants and break the ancient seal
You were never in the equation only when it changes
Reformulate the system to yield good fruits
Mediocrity is never a bed of roses

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