Street of my Heart

In the street of my heart
I searched for residents to offer free accommodation
But the street suits none
I watched it desolate and empty
I thought the problem was the street
She is too promising to be left isolated

Leaving the street deserted
You came in and watered her
Making her ever green
You became an island in the street of my heart
Once again living in a dark room
Developing the negatives

I fear you will desert the island like the others
My thought wasn’t wrong
I just never think the right perspective
Knowing my fears
You gave the street a garnished touch
Being perplexed I fear no more

Reasons to entrust the street of my heart
You gave with a benevolent smile
You handle the street like a surviving egg
Made her burning streets like ice cream
Buttered her till she became soft and flexible
Made her as sparkle as diamond

Beautiful as gold
You left me in ecstasy
Being consciously alert
The joy in me rejoice
Always singing a melodious rhymes
Always dancing with rays of beautiful colors
Larger than a metropolis
Rainbows smiling all rounds
Incomprehensible and indefinable
So fragile so complex
Only the Creator knows her
In the street of my heart is a resident

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