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Awestruck In Love [poem]

A voice said, listen to me
A voice said, look me in the moon
A voice said, feel the beauty of nature
A voice said, it’s not imagination

I wondered at the genetic make up
Could it be imagination?
Beautiful as the offspring of the rosaceae
Yet no match to your beauty

Amicably I stormed to a consensus with nature
For she owe me no dime
She used you to rob part of me
In all I was charged guilty

Each time I try to possess my possession
A serene heart begot me
What must I do?
I asked the voice

There is a life after today called tomorrow
Where hope defeats doubts
Where faith counters fear
And love covers a multitude

I laughed for I see the future
Flee with the parts
Now you’re complete
Surprised, yours is mine

I wait that awesome day set aside by the most high
Then will you come to a halt
Then season next begins
Awestruck in love

Winds of thanks to the voice
Oceans of hope it gave me
A new life awaits me
Above my fortune

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