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Guys Are Not Smiling [poem]

Our ladies have failed to impress us
As we behold them in their real form
The season is terribly harsh
Their real identity revealed

Chaos in the face of the North
As many could not recognize their “babes”
The gentlemen really not smiling
As their eyes flashes like lightening

I went for end of summer’s break now I am back
Oh my honey-skin coated beauty
She was fair like a ripened pawpaw
I’ve toast her few seconds to winter

I rushed to behold my only special one
Whose voice striped me off my cold jacket
I couldn’t fight sweat in this winter
Her presence my heavy duvet

Knock! Knock!!
As I composed and checked myself
Awaiting the triumphant ushering
With bundle of smile upon my face

“Who’s there?” I giggled
“Hey! Babe, it’s your baby”
She screamed that my bones vibrates
Yet after many seconds I was still waiting

She hastened to do the norms
As she asked me to “hold on”
Then finally she opened the door
All my excitement came to a halt

I can’t but noticed the rainbows
Round about her face
She wasn’t expecting the strange look on my face
Truly she was a perfect stranger

She called “babe”
The voice sounds familiar
But the face is unfamiliar
I was like sorry “I got the wrong address”

In my mind I lament
Why would summer give me a ripened pawpaw
And winter offering me a shade of chocolate?
That’s how I lost my honey-skin coated beauty

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