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My Kind of Guy 2 [poem]

A wall stronger than Jericho’s
Firm like mount Everest
Unshakable by strongest of tornado
so is my love towards you my darling

I will defend you like a warrior his territory
I will protect you like a knight his castle
I will guard you like a king his queen
Let me be your shining amour

The subtle words of Lanky hypnotized her
She made him a memorial in her heart
Giving her all like a worthless birthright
She stepped into the trap of destruction

Lanky so barbaric and deceptive
Neatly dressed in sheep clothing
Out to cripple and rape destinies
Ever seeking opportunities to devour

Resist the sweet washing words of Lanky
Give your eyes to wisdom
So you could receive light to see
And spread sense upon your mind’s garden

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Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels

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