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In-to-Out Freedom [poem]


I am hungry and thirsty

But nothing could satisfy me

All I see is darkness in disguise

I kept wandering in cute darkness

Thinking it is light I seek

Freedom is my breakfast

Truth lives with right and wrong

Accommodating and collaborating with self

I fight for outer freedom

Neglecting the inner freedom


I wear my freedom in yoke and handful

I was glad when self told me

I have all the freedom I could have

Offering wrong me the ideology

What a benevolent displacement of freedom


I get free and easy

Knowing the power of His death

Taking ride in His beautiful creation

I get a free hand

Not as an opportunity for flesh


Bondage made me blind while I see

You said “we” are free

Though united we stand, divided we fall

Must there be a fall? I asked

I am free is preferable


Oh you are free

When club houses rocked you

When you get drawn in ocean of wine

When sexual immorality becomes your fantasy

Or when the elevator gets you high with narcotics?


Peirce deep into the bone marrows

And break the cranium of slavery

You know the truth but still not free

You submit to the yoke of bondage

While for freedom Christ sets you free


Today the nation is free but you, yes you

What’s peculiar in your freedom?

Fighting such freedom is not for the state

Neither for “we” but “you”

Just like the race is personal


Navigate heart thoroughly

Beat feelings off

Kill every dot of flesh

Make self very reckless

Then will slavery rejoice in sorrow


I love self

Warts and all

So I flee from her

Oh gentle waves of ocean

Making me wave a wand



I see your great desire for bondage


I see your beauty fade while you diseased in slavery

I see we all engulfed in darkness


When a visitor knocks at your door

First thing in the morning

Check the variables of your equation

And welcome thought

With the speed of light



How do we fix this inner freedom?

When the inner is saved

The outer is endowed

So grasps this fast


How benevolent to suffer in His suffering

When we are free

No condemnation

The law of the spirit

Is all I hunger for


In Him I was set free

From the law of sin and death

Making me proclaim

Liberty to captives

Well nurtured I guess


Above my fortune

Yet the state is well

I get life eternal

Being slave to righteousness

And an ultimate slave to God


In His impeccable creation

I get fruits that lead to freedom

Could I still be hungry?

Never mind

The code to breakthrough is my love


The Lord is spirit

Where He is in the splendor of His majesty

There is freedom everlasting

Tap into the realm

And embrace His splendiferous freedom


The world can’t rob my freedom

Despite the momentum of the oppressions

Of the adversary

Mount Everest respect my strength

When my inner freedom is achieved.


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