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The Mischievous Guest [poem]

The foe of man’s purpose
Robber of joy and strength
Orchestrator of present agony and hopelessness
The fiercest natural hunter
With wings restlessly flapping in motion
And shadows ever ready to elope

Making dreams unrealistic
Echoing the sound of horror and grief
Pulling back the advancement of many
Bringing to not; the efforts of mankind
Ever coming, ever visiting
The worst of all nightmares

A busy old unruly wretch
Heartless, brutal and wicked
Meddling the peace and security of mankind
Thwarter of joyful songs and laughter
Carrier of the nasty image of dead event
Giving it life to haunt as a ghost

An instrument of cruelty
Riding on the frailty of humanity
Puncturing the fragile heart of men
Bounds-man of the guilty soul
Holding a part of man he can’t deny
Very careless of the effects on men

A persistent warring vessel
Uninvited guest to the present
Creator of uncertainty in the now
Originator of the ambiguous future
Bedrock of man’s wretchedness
Husbandman that labour unfruitfulness

In the midst of these a greater voice speaks
The voice of hope; calm, clear and still
Exposing the powerlessness of the wicked foe
With open arms welcoming all to His warm embrace
Professing the truth that sets free
The Victory on The Cross

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