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Misery of Me [poem]

The heart wanders in loneliness
The soul waits for companionship
The body, hungering and thirsting
The food it desires, a poison to the entirety

Restlessly I fret till twilight falls
Hoping and wishing and dreaming
Trying hard to answer the call of purpose
Praying for the change to come

All cardinal points my eyes surveyed
High and low I searched for aid
Feeling the negligence of the maker
In loneliness I dwell

A figure of despair I became
An image of pity I've grown to be
Before men, an object of ridicule
Earnestly awaiting a touch of love

Night and day I dream dreams
Hour by hour, I see its impossibilities
Always wanting to love
But scared of the innocent package it holds

Wanting to derail but held bound
Wanting to move on but hard to sustain
Ever wanting to hibernate from the universe
Constantly regretting the things I've ever known

Locked in a castle of injustice
Suffering the pains of sins I didn't committed
A livelihood without fulfillment
A life without freedom

Ever wanting but never having
Ever needing but never getting
Ever asking but never receiving
Ever seeking but never finding

The storm getting fiercer
Having my stamina getting weaker
And feeble hands loosing grip
Its strength; taking me away

How long will I remain this way?
How scornful misery could be
I see perfection but live in tears
How miserable I am

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