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Pandemic [poem]

The wind heavily loaded
With false and barbaric info
Traumatizing all with fear
To and fro like a roaring lion
Inflicting environs with chaos

The streets utterly deserted
The isle mysteriously isolated
Reign of terror and fear
Humanity trying to preserve her life
From the invasion of a nightmare

Pandemonium here and there
Heartbeats continuously panicking
Blood pressure reaching mount Everest
As all retreated hastily to their camp
For all culprits yet all judges

The season of long distance relationship
Where trust evacuates bonds
Creating a bridge with the ones we love
Helter-skelter no one runs no more
Cleaving to the walls within their home

Let them all know and adhere
Worse pandemic on the way
When they fail to take advantage
Of their hiding places
Making it a secret place

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