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Tears of Innocence [poem]

In fulfillment I come to you
In joyous expectation I dwell within you
Eloped in excitement to pass through you
With so much plans to foster your laughter
And bring endless hugs of jubilation

I bring you nothing but good tidings
I came not as a curse but blessing
An embodiment of talent I am
Encapsulated in the wonders of creation
Anticipating the right time for unveiling

You despise me with the whole of you
You had only but hatred towards my innocence
My glory became the scare crow to your desires
My comeliness strengthened your bitterness
My wonders triggered your rage

Amidst the chaos I trusted you for solace
Amidst the mixed feelings I trusted you for shelter
Amidst the bitterness I trusted you for protection
My innocence had faith in you
But how wrong I am

Your rage ended my growth
Your selfishness cursed my blessings
Your greed turned my beauty to ashes
You fractured the hands I used to hug you
You converted my joy to ashes

You broke the shield I ever had
Evicted me from my abode of purpose
You made me useless amidst vessels
You took away the breathe you did not give
I cried for mercy, you gave judgement

You punished me for the sins I did not commit
You poured out your rage on my innocence
The talent I had you squeezed out its juice
You found fulfillment in my destruction
Seeing you I saw wickedness

You are the looser!
With your hands you destroyed your blessings
With your will you ended your advancement
Your resolution covered your beauty with ashes
Your choice invited horror to your days

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