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About You [poem]

I yearn to write about how you make me feel
How every look at you makes you seem more Earth real
With no words that capture aptly the ways you make me believe
The spark of happiness you always bring

I yearn to write about the days we shared
How every time you laughed it sounded so new
I can’t explain the look in your eyes, 
see it sears deep into my heart
The one that tells your story of me

I yearn to write about all your own stories,
All our memories, all our feelings
How every new experience for me was new knowledge about you
I can’t describe the sense of sureness I felt 
no matter the cost I knew it would accrue
The belonging when you were near more so when you held me

I yearn to write about something else
The knowledge that all we shared was true, 
wanted, deliberate, decided
But I can’t write about it without you

I yearn to write
But I’m at a loss for how to say
I can’t describe what it is that it is 
though it’s strong and deep

I can’t describe this constant yet 
sudden feeling I have to be with you
To be all yours
But I yearn to write about it
So I write
By Diana Martins

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