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Missing You [poem]

Forgive me for letting you slip off
My hands became slippery at my watch
Pardon my silence when you needed me most
My heart grieves for such dubious actions

Opportunity gave herself willingly
Just for me to unveil what’s really ideal
Yet I kissed it goodbye without hearkening
To the best of choices offered me

You hit the path to nowhere blindly
Here I watched like it’s somewhere
Apart from you the closest distance
But farther than million miles

Now my eyes gushed out agony
My heart screeching like a dead wheel
I couldn’t digest the misery I eat
As the memory of you keeps on playing

Return to me my darling lover
Let’s seal this rift of distance
And ride along the isle of oneness
The wishes I kept wishing

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  1. *pardon my silence when you needed me the most* Magnificent 💕❤️