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The Walk [poem]

In the dark,
Pitch black darkness, I find that i.....
Close my eyes, trusting other senses to guide
Feet shuffling and unsure
Because memories though present may not suffice
To take me safe and unhurt to my destination.

But in my journey, with You, through You, to You
I want to know, beyond shuffling feet and closed eyes
Transcending sensual trust, surpassing mere faith
Into the realm of divinity
Where love, real love finds its meaning
It’s foundation even.

So that as I tread unknowns, and deep darks
With eyes wide shut
I know His light in every darkness I’ll see
I’ll proceed in trust of the one I want

Putting forth my hands not searching out what’s before me
But to grasp the good I’m sure to find
And rather than shuffle, I’ll leap Faith’s sure leap
Certain; the one I seek is undoubtedly present.
My safe landing assured.

Till I’m at my end
Though not an end at all
For my lover’s stretch is without beginning nor end
And I’ll walk on into eternity’s bliss
Having walked  with You, through You, to You.

Follow your heart is all good
But when it steers you wrong,
Follow only your God.

By Diana Martins

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