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The Fading Costume [poem]

The glory of womanhood is the joy of a husband
The beauty of spinstership surrounds me
like Lilly in the valley
A beautifully adorned flower in the fields
Little did I know it was a fading costume

I roam around in pride without purpose
I sing the songs of daughters of age
Like a princess they admired me
I became the center of attraction for the young men
Little did I know it was a fading costume

The beauty of life is a flower in the fields
Blossoming well in the dew of the morning
Adorned in the beautiful colour of creation
Before the setting of the sun it dies
Out of the scorching heat of the sun
The beauty and radiance ends and it's forgotten

Looking at the mirror I appreciate creation
Walking pass the multitude they call me beautiful
The young men of the city come around
As a butterfly rests on flowers they gather
The sons and daughters of men appreciate my radiant beauty
Little did I know it was a fading costume

My fading costume is;
Beautiful smooth face begins to wrinkle
My radiant eyes begins to grow dim
My black ebony hair becomes grey
My beautiful curves disfigured
My bones grow weak
All these at the mercy of a power
The name; Old age.

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