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The Image of You

I sat on the couch. In my garden I rest. In the cool of the day, taking a rest. The tireless trees jubilating in the wind. The soft breeze never tired of singing.

I threw gaze at the beauty of the early sunset. The blue sky changing garment. Giving the evening a beautiful look. I closed my eyes and sighed in fulfillment. Inhaling and exhaling oxygen of satisfaction.

Opening my eyes, there you stand. The beauty of your complexion gave savour to the evening. Your ebony black curly hair, I was eager to touch. The spread of your lips lightened me up. I found the clarity of your teeth so lovely. Your cloth danced so beautifully to the rhythm of the wind.

Oh! There you are, walking towards me. The breeze ceased and the garden became silent. Your steps on the dry leaves sounded a romantic rhythm to my ears. Closer and closer you gestured towards me. Slowly I aroused, standing in awe of you. Here you are, standing before me. Your height looking so enticing. The beam of your eyeballs sent joy to my soul. So delighted to have your hands on my arms. 'say something please' my eager heart pondered. My mind geared towards the glory all around you.

Boom! The sound of the resurrection of the wind. Like a dream I heard the sound of your gentle harmless voice. Echoing continuously into my itching ears. Your words widened my gaze. Uncontrollably, my arms enveloped you. I found solace in the warmth of your embrace. 'please don't let go' I prayed within. My restless soul has found ease. My eyelids jammed as I anticipated the touch of your lips. In an attempt to have that, I opened my eyes. In disappointment I sighed. It was just the largest of all nations “My imagi-NATION.”

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