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Hypocrites: Ruin’s Empire [poem]

You don’t belong here

Their eyes are sending signals

Where should he now return?

To the garbage he barely skipped from?


They snick through his track records

And picked their choice to criticize

Affirmatively they were right with their allegation

Amazingly his garment he has changed


“Why choose to dress me

With the same attire you scold me off?”

Oh! Descendants of the Pharisees,

When will you depart from such evil?


Took a bold step to change his way,

Yet his change not change for them.

They enticed him with fruits that ruins,

Should he now bow or burn?


He gave in to their game of righteousness,

But they lead him back to the place he left.

Compromise the music he chose,

As he paroles with citizens of Ruin’s Empire.

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