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Prayer for Boldness [poem]

Struck by a lightning bolt of smallness,

With raging face of a mediocre.

Fear awaits the command,

For a loophole for to crib in.


With mesmerized faulty stamina,

I was toast like a toasted bread.

Shrugged at the billows of life,

The circle goes on and on.


The wavering fear of despair,

Altering the super flow to victory

With current moving through my veins.

Yet I got faced up never to look down.


Flip and show me the pages for courage,

So my eyes might run through.

Feed me with recipes of boldness,

That I may face the fiercest lion.


Endow me with strength.

Hold me firmly,

To endure through this storm,

As I raise the banner of VICTORY.

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