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Gifted Hands [poem]


She puts forth deep taste of gifted hands

He lost his appetite

Creeping and crawling in the attire of a gentle man

He got his tie fixed

Consciously chocked his esophagus


Carelessly filled his mouth with vinegar

Against any and every barbaric taste

He deliberately drilled his tongue

There will never be another mummy’s kitchen

The bachelors’ life


Trapped in a wide circle of nature’s shadow

All became unwelcoming

Tired of collapsing appetite

He lost his taste bud

The irony of life


He sat on his brand new used table

Ding dong the bell rang

He set to retire from the race

As he raises his head to make a move

Behold the pattern on the red gown


Conscious of a capacious heartfelt elegance

His eyes couldn’t go off

Too precious not to be anxious

The beauty he beheld

Too bad he lost his appetite


She drew near and whispered to his ear

I’ve something for you to eat

Consciously alert he could not notice

As it rained filling his glass cup

She rescued him from his hallucination


With cherished charming smile

She held his tie and freed it a little

With her magic hands she tapped him

He got caught up in ecstasy

Warmly and calmly he became mute


He realized his Adam apple has been suffocated

His salivary gland became stimulated

And amazingly he never expected

A rainy day through his esophagus

Gazing at the wonders of her gifted hands


Well rendered garnished tummy’s favorite

He gained his appetite

Who are you?

He never knew when it pops off his vocals

The glimpse of the pinkish emitting smile encapsulates his heart


He couldn’t resist but found answers

Through her flaming eyes

As he sets his irresistible anxious hands to devour

Lo and behold nature’s most precious gift

Personal thing


Incomprehensible, his heart will never retire

Passion fanned into a roaring inferno

His eyes set on the peak of his desire

To which the expiry of his love endless

Unstoppable till his universe sees their logo


Too deliberate with all intention

Without hesitation

The contract he can’t wait to sign

Flawless and limitless his love for her



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