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I Hurt [poem]

I hurt

Head, soul and members

The empty spaces you left

Remains unfilled

Death stung me

Venom filled blood

Pumped into my being

Fountains from an open ended faucet

Until every ounce of joy in me

Was hemorrhaged.


I hurt

To be so rashly severed from you

Just when I was lost in the blue

Is unthinkable

Hope dashed out of me

Washed away by torrents of ache

Damaged beyond remedy

My wounds remain unattended


I hurt

My soul cannot see light

Poetry is refuge

Pain dragged me into poetry

With chains of grief on hands and neck.

Now I've got a pen that bleeds

As much as my soul

Your memories will dwell here forever

And thankfully,

Forever doesn't end

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  1. This poem is ......
    I'm short of words though
    More grace Sim
    I love your poems