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Macho Needs Poetry Too



I recalled how he intimidated everyone with his bold carved chest. His abs so gallant like legions of arrayed mountains. An encounter with him on the way was a horror scene at its climax. His looks like Thor the son of Odin.


Strolling through a love garden I suddenly sighted Macho. Alas!!! I saw the fearsome guardian of the galaxy and protector of the realm sheepishly chuckling like a babe.


"How is she doing it?" I asked myself. How did she get him to be so fragile and humble? Then I realized the inextricable refined and charming word flowing from her pink lips ravishing his heart. Her words like Shakespeare walking to a fabulous realm of love, rewriting the lines of Juliet to Romeo. I could see the scene she had created making Macho the major character. The words kept dripping like honey from a honeycomb. With her words she tamed him like a kitten taming a lion.


Few days later we are back at the gym and trust me, Macho has worn his horror face again. It got me wondering but then I received my answer as a group of beautiful damsels stepped into the gym. Their bum shorts and skinny tights, a trap to the untransformed mind. Let’s not talk about their moves when they work out because I am sure even the devil is tempted.


They all are crushing on Macho but then he’s got a Juliet already. Lined up before him, they whine and expose their cleavage just to get him to dine. My hands on my head!!! How is he going to resist these daughters of men? I thought. As I gazed straight into his eyes I noticed he was blind to the scene before him with the love garden scene playing with passion. His method of fleeing was focusing on the beautiful poet in his heart.


How did you resist such garnished heart enticing temptation? I asked Macho after the gym. To my amazement he looked into my eyes then calmly and slowly he spoke;


“My being and all have I given

My emotion and feelings has she taken

Her words the only music in my heart

Her whines my only drive

She’s blinded me with her love

I set my gaze upon her alone

Any other is but a mirage

She’s the only damsel

In this world my heart has created

She’s become my only temptation.”



Macho is indeed a poet too. Now I know that it will only take a strong damsel to suppress the carved chest and abs. Now I know that despite Adam being the first poet in the history of humanity with his most amazing and phenomenal rhyme;


“This is now the bone of my bones,

and the flesh of my flesh.”


Yet he couldn’t resist his wife Eve when she offered him the forbidden fruit. Her rhymes have so mesmerized his heart that he wouldn’t let her fall alone. Love made him fall. Just to let you know, if the serpent had met Adam instead of his wife, Adam wouldn’t have eaten the forbidden fruit.

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  1. If Adam had not being all touchy feely, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. Also what do you expect machos without poetry skills to do?

  2. 👏👏👏👏👏 Beautiful